What Are The Merits And Demerits Of Web Advertising?


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The interactive media has its own share of strengths and weaknesses and the decision for its application on behalf of the advertiser depends heavily on the nature of the product and the culture of the organization to whose product portfolio the brand belongs. Regarding the merits of web advertising, first of all the reach of this mode of advertising is on a massive expanse. In other words the relationship between the reach and the cost is immensely in favor of the advertiser as the cost of this medium is pretty low in comparison to the vast coverage that it generates.

In addition to that, the interactive nature of the web also helps the company in forming an intimate relationship with its consumers by encouraging them to give feedback. Moreover it is a much more cost effective technique of knowing the position of the brand rather than spending millions of dollars on research and development activities.

As for the demerits of web advertising, firstly the legal implications of every area that are attached to promoting the brand through the interactive media becomes a prime hurdle in utilizing the ability of this media to reach an international audience. Next follows the linguistic barrier, which encumbers a great number of people (who are unfamiliar with the language) from gaining awareness about the brand. Also the currency matters qualify as a demerit of web advertising.
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The merits of internet advertising is that you can just put it (your product) in front of the person in one click. The demerit is that the person who sees your advertisement is not happy that your advertisement is eating up their screen and that might not make them buy your product. Advertising in the internet that way is really a minus. Since the advertising is already paying to be advertised, why not go to a web site that just do that? Why put it in someone's face so to speak. Right?

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