Can I Get Pregnant Having Sex 5 Days Before My Next Menstrual Cycle?


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In certain environments such as the female reproductive tract beyond the cervix, sperm can live for as much as five to seven days. The woman's cervical mucus gives this long life to the sperm. In other biological environments such as the vagina, sperm may live only a few hours. In contrast, the egg has a life-span of only about one day from the time it bursts from the ovary. Thus, fertilization can occur anytime live sperm meet up with a live egg, which can happen even if the sperm are deposited up to seven days in advance of ovulation. I recommend you Ovulation Calculator through this you get instant of knowledge about Ovulation .

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Ovulation occurs around 10 days after you period. So I would say that you are not pregnant. The cramps are probably just from your period that is coming this month, just my opinion. Good luck.
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You can get pregnant at just about anytime if you are not using protection. Sperm lives in the uterus for up to 7 days. And you could be a lot more fertile than other people.

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